Friday, March 18, 2011

Made In The USA!

I found a place for my thoughts, as strange as they may be. And I am the first to admit they are strange. But it sure will give people something to talk about! I am also not interested in political, religious, debates, or debates or any type. Just chat, everyday, American chat.
I don’t want to waste time here talking about it. There is a point to this and I want to jump right into the fire and get to it.

How many things in your home are “Made in the USA”??? I saw something on TV over the last few weeks, where everything was removed from a home that wasn’t made in the USA. Low and behold the house was pretty empty. When the family came back they helped them fill the house again with things made here in the USA. It took some searching and I am sure the cost was a little higher, but they did it. I didn’t see the entire show (if it was a show) and I don’t even remember what channel it was on.  Irrelevant for or to me now anyhow.
Granted its taken me a few weeks to really think about this but I have and here it is.

Surprisingly (or not) this thought came to me this morning in the shower. (I do some thinking there, and in other odd places) As this thought crossed my mind I was picking up the shampoo and looked to see where it was made. Much to my surprise it WAS made in the USA! Although my deodorant is not, its distribudted in the USA (NJ) but nothing on where it is made.  (Thank you Sauve and White Rain for being Made In The USA!) As I pondered this thought of what else was in my home that was made right here in the good ol’ USA, I realized there are SO many companies that have moved to other countries due to the cost to produce products being much less and giving them a much higher profit we are seeing less and less of “Made In The USA”.  (Of course this could continue but I want to focus now on Made In The USA, not unemployment and so on.)

So here it is….How many things in your home are Made In The USA?  We all look for the best deals on products we want to buy, but would you be willing to pay a little more for products made here were we live giving us more employment opportunities? 

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  1. Interesting thoughts! I do think of places like Japan right about now though. They could use the economy boost. And I'm first to comment, and the first follower! :)